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NYX Awards

The NYX Awards is a prestigious international competition that recognizes and honors individuals, agencies, and organizations that demonstrate extraordinary caliber in marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, graphic design, print, digital, video, and audio.

Since its inception in 2018, the NYX Awards has attracted thousands of entries from over 60 countries, making it a truly global competition. It provides a unique opportunity for talented professionals at the forefront of the industry to showcase their remarkable capabilities in producing exceptional marketing materials, both in print and digital form, as well as videos, advertising, public relations, broadcast television operations, and creative services.

What sets the NYX Awards apart is its exclusive focus on recognizing the best of the best in specialized fields ranging from marketing to communication, print to digital, advertising to public relations, video to audio, and creative industries. Winning at NYX is not just a badge of honor; it's a stamp of approval that validates the exceptional work done by the most talented professionals in the industry.

NYX Branding

NYX Branding represents excellence in specialized fields such as marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, graphic design, game development, print, digital, video, and audio. Housing the NYX Marcom Awards, NYX Video Awards, and NYX Game Awards, the NYX logo embodies creativity, innovation, and exceptional performance, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry. Winning at NYX validates exceptional work, providing an opportunity to gain recognition on a global platform. The NYX logo represents a mark of distinction, a stamp of approval, and a badge of honor that sets businesses and individuals apart from their competition.

Award Programs

NYX Awards is the ultimate celebration of excellence in the fields of marketing, communication, design, print, video, and digital media. This prestigious competition welcomes individuals and organizations who push the boundaries of creativity to showcase their innovative work to a global audience.

As a platform that recognizes evolving excellence across various industries, NYX Awards is the perfect opportunity to gain recognition and establish yourself as a leader in your field. With categories for local, regional, or subscription avenues, as well as both external or internal audiences, the competition caters to a diverse range of businesses and individuals.

NYX Marcom Awards

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Jun 7



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Aug 9

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Oct 18

Symbol of Excellence

NYX Statuette

NYX Awards - NYX Statuette, NYX Trophy

Introducing the NYX Awards Statuette, the ultimate symbol of excellence for individuals and organizations across all industries. Inspired by the all-powerful Goddess of Night, Nyx, the statuette represents the beauty and robustness of creative vision that transcends all adversaries.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this 13" curvaceous statuette features a stunning long draping dress and is perched on top of a solid zinc-alloy base. The intricate design symbolizes the perpetual flow of ideas that drive the minds of our winners to reach new heights of excellence. With an eagle perched atop the statuette, we recognize the catalyzing impact that our winners' ideas have on their industries.

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Encompassing more than 500 categories for your selection.

Work ranges from Design to Print, from Digital Media to Strategic Communications, from Audio to Video, from Students to Professionals.

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Featured Jurors

Worldwide experts from diverse professional industries.

The NYX Awards is proud to feature a diverse panel of judges from various professional industries around the world. The esteemed judges are members of the NYX Judging Council, a group of leading industry professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

By entering your brilliant projects into the NYX Awards, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your talent and catch the attention of world-renowned judges. Each jury has a keen eye for creativity and innovation, and are always looking for standout projects that push the boundaries of what is possible.

United States

DJ Summitt

DJ Summitt

Senior Motion Designer, SiriusXM

DJ Summitt is an award-winning Art Director and Founder, Motion Designer of Summitt FilmWorks in San Diego, CA. Sitting at the juncture of generations and the edge of nations, DJ fuses bleeding-edge techniques, proven design theory, meticulous process, international experience, and a heaping dose of the x-factor to help his clients' projects and products leap out of the screen and into the audience's lifestyle.

United States

Andrea Ferguson

Andrea Ferguson

President, AndiSites Inc.

As the founder/President of a digital agency celebrating its 10th anniversary, Andrea deeply familiar with web trends, marketing effectiveness, and what makes an excellent website. For more than 20 years she has worked in corporate communications, experiencing first-hand the transition from print-only assets to online marketing. she has also worked as a successful film/TV actress (as Andrea Powell) so recognize creativity in all its forms. She is fair, open-minded, thorough, encouraging, and unfailingly supportive of the digital marketing community. She would be proud to help recognize and reward excellence that helps further and enhance our industry.


Birger Linke

Global Group Creative Director, DMG / Hylink

With two decades in the industry, Birger has worked on both, agency and client side, as a creative and marketeer for Peter Schmidt Group, Springer & Jacoby, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Leo Burnett, BBDO Interone, DMG, set up TBWAVietnam, is partner in two start ups, and currently the Global Group Creative Director at MindChamps - the company leading the revolution in education. Working across disciplines, incl. advertising, digital, and (interior) design, Birger has won more than 120 national and international awards, incl. Gold at Cannes, the first ever D&AD for Vietnam, was named most awarded DM creative in Asia, "hottest" creative in Vietnam, and ranked in the Top 100 of “Hottest Creatives in Asia”. Birger's “TransMariner” campaign for the Republic of Singapore Navy was ranked No.4 in the world (Won Report), his Coke "Olympic Beat" campaign garnered 400 Million views within the first month on air. He created the world's first WeChat ad for BMW, helped make Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore the most awarded direct marketing agency in the world, and TBWAVietnam the most awarded agency in the country. Birger became a member of the advisory council of the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City. Birger is a member of D&AD and The Design Society. He was a judge at London International, New York Festival, Adfest, Award, Young Guns, Pinasthika, AdStars, Golden Bell, Vega Digital Awards, Chillies and Creative Circle Awards. In his free time, Birger lectures and speaks across Asia on marketing and advertising, and works on design projects. He holds a Private Pilot License.


Markus Pargfrieder

CEO, Responsive Spaces

Markus is part of the digital and creative industry for almost 20 years. The majority of those years he spent at Netural, one of the leading digital agencies in Austria. After more than 5 years as Head of Multimedia Lab, Netural and he decided to co-found Responsive Spaces and to take all know-how and experience and focus it towards the edge between analog places and digital worlds. Therefore, exhibitions, tradeshows and events are their natural habitat, as well as any other scenario, where unique space is dedicated to a purpose and a story or message. More often than not, those stories can be propelled through usage of the right dose of technology, preferably in an interactive and immersive way. Being a 18-years veteran in technologically and digitally driven communication in terms of brand and product messages, Markus has a very strong focus on the thing that still matters the most: the story. At Responsive Spaces he feels one of his main obligations, that they only use technology to propel stories to otherwise unreachable heights and never the other way around. Therefore his answer to the question, which categories he is qualified the most for is a little bit different: creative projects that are somehow based upon or feature technology and digital possibilities are the ones, where he would feel to be a great fit as a judge.

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