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State Farm Park in iHeartland on Roblox

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The Marketing Arm, Optimum Media Direction


Strategic Campaign - Brand Strategy Campaign

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State Farm

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United States

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The insurance industry is not traditionally a vertical that is associated with venturing into non-linear

lanes of innovation. However, State Farm uniquely understands the business need to reach younger and

more diverse Millennial and Gen Z audiences, to create future demand and achieve top-of-mind

relevancy among them. In collaboration with iHeartMedia, State Farm has created State Farm

Neighborhood, a branded Metaverse space where users can interact with Jake from State Farm, and

State Farm Park, a unique concert venue where some of today’s biggest artists will perform inside

iHeartLand on Roblox and Fortnite.

When not at events, visitors can play a variety of mini-games that change over time, so there is always

something fresh to engage with. State Farm continued its reputation as a leader in marketing through

this partnership: together with iHeartMedia, they created an arena for fans that offers once-in-a-lifetime

experiences only possible in the Metaverse Neighborhood. With unique gameplay, specialized verch

(like Jake From State Farm’s famous red polo and khakis), and performances from world-renowned

artists, the State Farm Neighborhood offers virtually unlimited entertainment.

Held at the first-of-its-kind naming rights venue within the Metaverse, the inaugural Charlie Puth

concert drew in over 1M visits: the equivalent of selling out Madison Square Garden for 50 nights.

Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lauv also performed at the State

Farm Park, after which his non-player character (NPC) walked the digital red carpet with fans and posed

for photos.

State Farm’s presence in the metaverse has led to massive reach across both platforms with 70% of

players attending events: 4.2M total players, 3.4M unique players. State Farm integrated the brand

voice through virtual interactions with a "Jake from State Farm" avatar which results in 1 in 3 players

engaging with Jake daily. State Farm's multi-platform “always on” media has brought players into the

game and increased awareness of events, while in-game activations have delivered a staggering 1.4B+

impressions to date.


Assistant Vice President, State Farm
Patty Morris
Head of Marketing, State Farm
Alyson Griffin
Marketing Director, State Farm
Sue Beigie
Creative Director, State Farm
Clinton Inselmann
Marketing Manager, State Farm
Susi Lucas
Marketing Manager, State Farm
Erin Keefe
Senior Producer, Production, State Farm
Joshua Zilm
Media and Partnerships Director, State Farm
Baldwin Cunningham
Brand Design and Management, State Farm
Janae Henson
Brand Design and Management, State Farm
Aaron Shane
Art Director, Brand Design and Management, State Farm
Stephen Trickey
Marketing Manager, State Farm
Kristen Rudicil
Marketing Analyst, State Farm
Alex Biedenharn
Marketing Analyst, State Farm
Morgan Pulliam
Marketing Analyst: Brand & Acquisition, State Farm
Andrew Freeman
Marketing Strategy Analyst, State Farm
Jenna Durako
Marketing Analyst, State Farm
Ciarra Kohn
Marketing Analyst, State Farm
Heath Hunziker
Marketing Analyst, State Farm
Sara Brondell
Advertising Analyst, State Farm
James Stahly
Marketing Strategy Analyst, State Farm
Jordan Davis
Media, Sponsorship & Marketing Leader, State Farm
Justin Reckamp
Senior Public Affairs Specialist, State Farm
Trevor Lancaster
State Farm
Nate Damery
Marketing Specialist, State Farm
Shelly Scharpman
Public Affairs Specialist, State Farm
Daniel Losk
Senior Vice President, Account Service, TMA
Susan O’Leary
Group Account Director, TMA
Haley Rabb
Senior Account Executive, TMA
Madison Matre
Account Coordinator, TMA
Jessi Garcia
Chief Creative Officer, TMA
Harris Wilkinson
Senior Vice President, Creative, TMA
Dave Wasserman
Vice President, Group Creative Director, TMA
Whitney Hill
Creative Director, TMA
Jennifer Page
Copywriter, TMA
Jim Choy
Sr Art Director, TMA
Brian Luneckas
Group Director, Production, TMA
Ivo Knezevic
Group Director, Production, TMA
Patrick O'Brien
Senior Producer, TMA
Matt Poness
Assistant Producer, TMA
Lindsey Dzura
Editor, Video Production, TMA
Sebastian Moore
Senior Vice President, Strategy, TMA
Stephen Parker-Eaton
Director, Connections Strategy, TMA
Becca Atkins
Community Manager, Strategy, TMA
Maria Fernanda Suarez
Associate Director, Business Affairs, TMA
Ellen O’Donnell
Senior Talent Manager, TMA
Cheryl Collins
Managing Director, Global Client Lead, OMD
Chris O’Brien
Executive Director, Integrated Media Planning, OMD
Linas Paulius
Katie Cunningham
Director, OMD
Naomi Smolevitz
Director, Integrated Media Planning, OMD
Ashley Bain
Director, Integrated Media Planning, OMD
Gabe Heller
Commercial & Marketing
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