NYX Marcom Awards Categories

Audio & Podcasts

Audio & Podcasts

AP23001 Commercial Single

AP23002 Commercial Campaign

AP23003 Educational Institution

AP23004 Entertainment

AP23005 Government

AP23006 Health & Fitness

AP23007 Lifestyle

AP23008 Medical

AP23009 News

AP23010 Nonprofit

AP23011 Production

AP23012 Program

AP23013 Promotion

AP23014 Professional Services

AP23015 Public Service & Activism

AP23016 Sports

AP23017 Technology

AP23000 Audio & Podcasts / Other__

Design & Print


AA23001 AD (Single)

AA23002 Advertising Campaign

AA23003 Banner / Sign

AA23004 Billboard

AA23005 Business / Trade Publication

AA23006 Catalog (NEW)

AA23007 Flyer (NEW)

AA23008 Mall / Airport / Station

AA23009 Newspaper AD (Single)

AA23010 Newspaper AD (Campaign)

AA23011 Online AD (Single)

AA23012 Online AD (Campaign)

AA23013 Point of Purchase

AA23014 Postcard (NEW)

AA23015 Poster (Single)

AA23016 Poster (Campaign)

AA23017 Trade Show / Exhibit

AA23000 Advertising / Other__


DM23001 AD (Single)

DM23002 AD (Campaign)

DM23003 Advertorial

DM23004 Annual Report

DM23005 Annual Report Cover

DM23006 Banner / Sign

DM23007 Bench / Shelter / Mass Transit

DM23008 Benefits / HR Materials

DM23009 Billboard

DM23010 Brochure

DM23011 Brochure Cover

DM23012 Business Card

DM23013 Book

DM23014 Calendar

DM23015 Catalog

DM23016 Character Design / Cartoon / Icon

DM23017 Corporate Profile

DM23018 Corporate Identity

DM23019 Direct Mail

DM23020 Door Hanger

DM23021 Event Materials

DM23022 Flyer

DM23023 Holiday Card

DM23024 Illustration / Infographic

DM23025 Invitation / Greeting Card

DM23026 Letterhead

DM23027 Logo

DM23028 Magazine

DM23029 Magazine Cover

DM23030 Media Kit / Sales Kit / Folder

DM23031 Menu

DM23032 Merchandise (Single)

DM23033 Merchandise (Series)

DM23034 Newsletter

DM23035 Promotional Item

DM23036 Packaging

DM23037 Packaging (Series)

DM23038 Point of Purchase

DM23039 Postcard

DM23040 Poster (Single)

DM23041 Poster (Series)

DM23042 Promotional / Branding

DM23043 Program Guide

DM23044 Self-Promotion

DM23045 T-Shirt

DM23000 Design & Print / Other__


PG23001 Advertising

PG23002 Architecture

PG23003 Beauty

PG23004 Celebrity

PG23005 Digital Enhance

PG23006 Documentary

PG23007 Editorial

PG23008 Environment

PG23009 Events

PG23010 Fashion

PG23011 Food & Beverage

PG23012 Health

PG23013 Industrial

PG23014 Interiors

PG23015 Lifestyle

PG23016 Magazine

PG23017 Music

PG23018 Nature

PG23019 People / Portrait

PG23020 Personal Work

PG23021 Political

PG23022 Product

PG23023 Sport

PG23024 Travel / Tourism

PG23025 Wedding

PG23000 Photography / Other__


PB23001 Annual Report

PB23002 Brochure

PB23003 Employee Publication

PB23004 Magazine

PB23005 Newsletter

PB23000 Publication / Other__

Digital Media

Mobile App

MA23001 Business

MA23002 Catalog

MA23003 Consumer

MA23004 Corporation

MA23005 E-Commerce

MA23006 Education

MA23007 Entertainment

MA23008 Events

MA23009 Finance

MA23010 Fitness

MA23011 Food & Drink

MA23012 Games

MA23013 Health & Wellness

MA23014 Lifestyle

MA23015 Marketplace

MA23016 Medical

MA23017 Music & Audio

MA23018 GPS / Navigation

MA23019 News

MA23020 Nonprofit/Religious

MA23021 Political

MA23022 Reference & eBook

MA23023 Self-Promotion

MA23024 School / Universities

MA23025 Services

MA23026 Shopping

MA23027 Social Networking

MA23028 Sport & Recreation

MA23029 Themes

MA23030 Travel

MA23031 Utilities

MA23032 Weather

MA23000 Mobile App / Other__

Social Media

SM23001 Social Campaign

SM23002 Social Ad Campaign

SM23003 Social Branding Campaign

SM23004 Social Content / Post

SM23005 Social Engagement

SM23006 Social Entertainment

SM23007 Social Events & Live Streaming

SM23008 Social Educational

SM23009 Social Influencer Marketing

SM23010 Social News & Information

SM23011 Social Public Service & Activism

SM23012 Social Promotions & Contests

SM23013 Facebook Page

SM23014 Facebook Engagement

SM23015 LinkedIn Page

SM23016 Twitter Page

SM23017 Twitter Engagement

SM23018 Instagram Page

SM23019 Pinterest Page

SM23020 Snapchat Filter

SM23021 TikTok Page (NEW)

SM23022 YouTube Channel / Video (NEW)

SM23023 Weibo / WeChat Page (NEW)

SM23000 Social Media & Marketing / Other__


WS23001 Aesthetics

WS23002 Automotive

WS23003 Banking

WS23004 Beauty & Cosmetics

WS23005 Biotechnology

WS23006 Best User Experience

WS23007 Branding

WS23008 Business to Business

WS23009 Celebrity / Fan

WS23010 Children

WS23011 Consulting

WS23012 Consumer Product / Services

WS23013 Corporation Design

WS23014 Web Agency

WS23015 E-Commerce

WS23016 E-Learning Education

WS23017 Events

WS23018 Experimental

WS23019 Fashion

WS23020 Family / Parenting

WS23021 Financial Services

WS23022 Fitness

WS23023 Food & Beverage

WS23024 Games / Games Related

WS23025 Government

WS23026 Green / Eco-Friendly

WS23027 Health

WS23028 Home Page / Landing Page

WS23029 Hotel / Lodging

WS23030 Humor

WS23031 Information Technology (IT)

WS23032 Insurance

WS23033 Law & Legal Services

WS23034 Lifestyle

WS23035 Magazine

WS23036 Manufacturing

WS23037 Marketplace

WS23038 Microsite Movie / Film

WS23039 Multi-level Marketing

WS23040 Multilingual Site

WS23041 Music

WS23042 News & Newspaper

WS23043 Nonprofit

WS23044 Personal Web Site

WS23045 Pharmaceuticals

WS23046 Podcasting

WS23047 Political

WS23048 Portfolio

WS23049 Professional Services

WS23050 Promotion / Contest

WS23051 Property / Developer

WS23052 Public Relations

WS23053 Publishing

WS23054 Radio

WS23055 Restaurant

WS23056 Real Estate

WS23057 Religion / Spirituality

WS23058 Retail

WS23059 School / Universities

WS23060 Self-Promotion

WS23061 Shopping

WS23062 Small Business

WS23063 Social / Networking

WS23064 Sports

WS23065 Technology / Science

WS23066 Transportation

WS23067 Television

WS23068 Training / Knowledge Base

WS23069 Tourism

WS23070 Travel

WS23071 Utilities

WS23072 Web App

WS23000 Website / Other__

Special Categories

Covid-19 Related

CO23001 Advertising

CO23002 Audio & Podcasts

CO23003 Content Marketing & Writing

CO23004 Design & Print

CO23005 Integrated Marketing

CO23006 Marketing Campaign

CO23007 PR Campaign

CO23008 Mobile App

CO23009 Non-Profit

CO23010 Photography

CO23011 Publications

CO23012 Best Use of Social Media

CO23013 Strategic Communications

CO23014 Website

CO23015 Community Collaboration

CO23016 Fundraising

CO23017 Government Response

CO23018 Medical Innovation

CO23019 Online Meeting / Seminar

CO23020 Online Training

CO23021 Product Development

CO23022 Retail and Food Services

CO23023 Virtual Event

CO23024 Delivery Hero

CO23025 Education Hero

CO23026 Frontline Medical Hero

CO23027 Backline Medical Hero

CO23028 Government Hero

CO23029 Media Hero

CO23030 Consumer Services

CO23031 Technical Innovation

CO23000 Covid-19 Related / Other__

People & Team

PT23001 Advertising Agencies

PT23002 AR/VR Professionals

PT23003 Blogger

PT23004 Business Owner

PT23005 Content Editor

PT23006 Content Strategist/Visionary

PT23007 Content Studio

PT23008 Content Team

PT23009 Creative Boutiques

PT23010 Design Firms

PT23011 Freelance Professionals

PT23012 Game Designers / Developers

PT23013 Graphic Designers

PT23014 In-house Marketing

PT23015 Individuals

PT23016 Interactive Agencies

PT23017 Marketing Agencies

PT23018 Mobile App Designers / Developers

PT23019 Organisation

PT23020 Photographers

PT23021 Podcaster

PT23022 Production Films

PT23023 Programmers

PT23024 Public Relation Films

PT23025 Social Media Marketer

PT23026 Social Media Specialists

PT23027 Students

PT23028 Video Producer / Visual Storyteller

PT23029 Videographers

PT23030 Web Designers / Developers

PT23000 People & Team / Other__

Pro Bono

PB23001 Pro Bono

Special Achievement (NEW)

SP23001 Individual Achievement

SP23002 Team Achievement

Student Submission

SS23001 Student AD

SS23002 Student Animation

SS23003 Student App

SS23004 Student Architectural Design

SS23005 Student Audio

SS23006 Student Branding Campaign

SS23007 Student Conceptual Design

SS23008 Student Content Marketing

SS23009 Student Corporate Identity

SS23010 Student COVID-19-Related Project

SS23011 Student Event

SS23012 Student Fashion Design

SS23013 Student Games

SS23014 Student Group Performance

SS23015 Student Illustration

SS23016 Student Interior Design

SS23017 Student Lighting Design

SS23018 Student Logo Design

SS23019 Student Music

SS23020 Student Music Video

SS23021 Student Packaging Design

SS23022 Student Personal Branding

SS23023 Student Podcast - Single

SS23024 Student Portfolio Design

SS23025 Student PR Campaign

SS23026 Student Product Design

SS23027 Student Short Video

SS23028 Student Social Media

SS23029 Student Typography

SS23030 Student Video

SS23031 Student Viral Marketing

SS23032 Student Visual Effect

SS23033 Student Virtual / Remote Experience

SS23034 Student VR / 360 Video

SS23035 Student Website

SS23000 Student / Other__

Strategic Communications

Content Marketing Strategy

CM23001 Ad Copy

CM23002 Advertorial

CM23003 Agency / Client Partnership (NEW)

CM23004 Annual Report

CM23005 B2B Branded Content Campaign (NEW)

CM23006 B2C Branded Content Campaign (NEW)

CM23007 Blog Post (NEW)

CM23008 Blog (NEW)

CM23009 Brand Journalism

CM23010 Brochure

CM23011 Communication Plan

CM23012 Content Marketing Integration (NEW)

CM23013 Content Marketing ROI (NEW)

CM23014 Corporate Blog (NEW)

CM23015 Corporate Book (NEW)

CM23016 CSR

CM23017 eBook (NEW)

CM23018 Editorial

CM23019 Feature Article

CM23020 Featured Column or Section (NEW)

CM23021 Influencer Marketing (NEW)

CM23022 Innovative Content Distribution Strategy (NEW)

CM23023 Interview or Profile (NEW)

CM23024 Magazine

CM23025 Marketing Automation (NEW)

CM23026 Marketing Launch (NEW)

CM23027 Marketing Program (NEW)

CM23028 Marketing Material

CM23029 Measurement Program (NEW)

CM23030 Multi-Author Blog (NEW)

CM23031 Native Advertising (NEW)

CM23032 News Article

CM23033 Newsletter

CM23034 News Release

CM23035 Paid Advertising Content (NEW)

CM23036 Podcast

CM23037 Publication

CM23038 Social Media Content - Facebook (NEW)

CM23039 Social Media Content - Instagram (NEW)

CM23040 Social Media Content - Snapchat (NEW)

CM23041 Social Media Content - TikTok (NEW)

CM23042 Social Media Content - LinkedIn (NEW)

CM23043 Social Media Content - Twitter (NEW)

CM23044 Multichannel Social Media Content (NEW)

CM23045 Special Topic Issue (NEW)

CM23046 Speech

CM23047 Technical

CM23048 Video or Video Series (NEW)

CM23000 Content Marketing Strategy / Other__

Integrated Marketing

IM23001 Business to Business

IM23002 Business to Consumer

IM23003 Cause Marketing

IM23004 Company Branding

IM23005 Event Marketing

IM23006 Green / Eco-Friendly

IM23007 Integrated Mobile Experience

IM23008 Internal Campaign

IM23009 Nonprofit

IM23010 Political

IM23011 Product Branding

IM23012 Promotional

IM23013 Social Media

IM23000 Intergrated Marketing / Other__

Marketing Effectiveness

ME23001 Branding Strategy Campaign

ME23002 Communication Campaign

ME23003 CSR Program

ME23004 Digital Marketing Campaign

ME23005 Interactive Brand Experience

ME23006 Internal Comm Campaign

ME23007 HR Campaign

ME23008 Mobile Campaign

ME23009 PR Campaign

ME23010 Product Launch

ME23011 Social Media Campaign

ME23012 Self Promotion

ME23013 Special Event

ME23014 Video Campaign

ME23000 Marketing Effectiveness / Other__

Public Relations

MR23001 Digital Ad Placement

MR23002 Magazine Placement

MR23003 Newspaper Placement

MR23004 Radio Placement

MR23005 Televison Placement

MR23006 Publicity Campaign

MR23007 Media Response

MR23000 Public Relations / Other__

Strategic Campaign

SC23001 Brand Strategy Campaign

SC23002 Communication Program

SC23003 CSR Program

SC23004 Digital Marketing Campaign

SC23005 Employee Relations

SC23006 Event Campaign

SC23007 Interactive Brand Experience

SC23008 Internal Comm Campaign

SC23009 Mobile Campaign

SC23010 PR Campaign

SC23011 Product Launch

SC23012 Research / Study

SC23013 Social Media Campaign

SC23014 Special Event

SC23015 Viral Marketing Campaign

SC23000 Strategic Communications / Other__